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Sponsors / Committee

The Little Kanawha Reading Series is a collaborative effort.

Our committee and support team is proud to provide a showcase for literary forms and voices
in order to acknowledge and enrich the cultural heritage of Appalachia
and the communities around the Little Kanawha River.

GSC Department of Language & Literature

Dr. Jonathan Minton

GSC Department of Language & Literature

Professor Melissa Gish, M.F.A.

GSC Department of Fine Arts

Associate Professor of Art Chris Cosner, M.F.A.

GSC’s Pioneer Stage

Assistant Professor of Music Megan Darby, Ed.D.

Robert F. Kidd Library

Library Director
Jason Gum, M.L.A.

Student Body

Anna Childers

Gilmer Public Library

Library Director
Lisa Hayes-Minney, M.F.A.